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The boy, who was about to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with his family, finds himself stuck in a house with a dangerous stranger who seems to be responsible for his parent's disappearance.

A bleak, cold, and dark night was certainly the perfect setting for the sinister events, that you will be forced to witness for yourself!

Run, Hide, Solve Survive!

Featuring an incredible voice cast including Doug Cockle (Geralt from the Witcher series), Sandy Johnson (1978's Halloween), Christopher Murray (twin peaks, parks and rec), CinnamonToastKen (Professional Youtuber) & many more!

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Cover Art by CptFuzzBall
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Updated 28 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAction, Survival
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Singleplayer, Voice Acting


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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When I first played this game I would get grabbed and thrown into the world almost every time. After the update most of the time it doesn't happen. So I was able to beat it.

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Gave the EA a Let's Play (Prior to the updates anywho), I'd be honest and say its a frustrating mess in its current form, too many visual filters, you can get grabbed through walls, grabbed when hiding without having been seen nor running, minimal places to get away from a guy that can run the exact same speed as you except for a single crawl space, an AI that is overly ruthless and knows too much. Very frustrating. 

yeah the ai needs work. even when you hide and he doesnt see you he will know exactly know where you are at.whats crazy was the demo ai was a bit better then the early access.its really frustrating and your stamina really sucks. 

Mhm, punished for running, punished levels of stamina, fast antagonist with unlimited stamina, punished for hiding, game built around survival thus hiding is the only way to survive, yet minimal hiding spots - And thats considered balanced?

Well, with the payment provided, they can consider it an investment that I'll hope for them to get better.


Hi folks! Developer here. I'm wondering if you were playing the latest version or a bit older one? Is there a difficulty system in settings menu now? I'm asking because I'm not the one who does the uploads. Thanks.


iam was playing the latest update of thankskilling day.and yes it does have a difficulty option.


The earliest EA upload, for me.

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Thank you for replying and for playing. Your gameplays were very helpful, we've updated the game and, aside from bug fixes, there's been some interesting features we've added like Killgrim being able to smash a door if you're trying to block it from the other side. We're excited to see new gameplay footages and find any possible new bugs along the way. Best regards!


i enjoyed what i played from the demo to the early access game. i did but into a few bugs and glitches. but i cant wait for the full game. i really like when you can play in 3rd person like the older resident evil,dino crisis, etc. and you get to also play in first person.