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Pretty fun game, I liked the level or interactivity


i love you for making the protagonist a fat kid. there need to be more fat kid protags in horror games.

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ThanksKilling Day DEMO is a Survival horror game YOU have to HIDE, HEAL, RUN to survive!

I had a lot of fun with this!

Awesome!! thank you so much for playing

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Woah the fire actually kills you! Really liked the game and the Green Herb joke and combination a la PB&J. I'm excited to see how development goes for the rest of the game.

My only nitpicks are the enemy is way too easy to avoid with how slow his animation is he will never catch you, also hiding from him completely defeats him in some instances. Lastly take a shot for every time the character says something smells or looks funny haha.Other than that, keep up the great work!

That's some awesome feedback! Thank you so much for playing. I'm so glad you enjoyed playing through our demo!!

Thanks for making it! :)

Killing it!!

thank youuu! so exciting!

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Loved it!


I'm so interested in the final product. This is total class. I can't wait. 5 stars.

Thank you so much for playing and uploading this! Your reactions were too great!

Can't wait to see you take on the full experience!

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After entering the fireplace and picking up the rockey stick, you need to press the painting button on the right in the living room. However, there is no active button. Nothing flashing. Could it be a bug?

The switch is behind a random painting each time! The note is left vague for this reason :) Enjoy!

vibes cool creepy psx .

Thank you so much for playing! One of our devs recognizes your channel. Blessed to have you playing 🙏

:D yea ... my yt is legend for retro and indie game :P make options video ..for me ..real need low ahahah :D your game so cool

So cool! Definitely!

:P think make version playstation 4/5?

We don't know how yet! We started game dev 17 weeks ago :) Maybe we can find a publisher eventually.

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This game rocks my 90s soul.




cant wait for the full game. i like when developers add a 3rd and fps.

Heck yea!! So glad you're enjoying it! First person is one of our favorite features

cant wait for the full game. i could push the door in the basement to push the button to turn off the fire. i was only able to do it once. and after that it wont let out get to the switch.

The button in the basement randomly changes locations! Is that the issue? Or did you encounter a bug?

i didnt know it changes locations. ill have to play it again and if i encounter a bug ill let you know.

this game not work .

Looking into it!

looked, the game from error is missing file ... strange


Fixed. New version is up!


thank you for letting us know!!!